Loneliness and loss: a lifetime of good-byes

So sorry for your and the maidens loss – words are never enough – alRed Shoes Rock sends our love

our sacred breath

The maiden’s life has been a series of good-byes and losses. The loss of her birth family when she was brought into care. The loss of her foster family and friends when she was adopted and moved away. The loss of pets, people and friendships throughout her short life. All have impacted who she is, but this last one has brought tears and a grief that will take a long time to heal: the death of her best friend.

Friends have been few and far between in the maiden’s life. It seems every time she has made a friend, that friend moves away before the friendship ever really develops. If the friend does not move away, the friendship does not develop because friendship is a very difficult thing to maintain for some with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. The types of friends they attract may use them because they are so…

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