FASD – The light in this black hole.

Thank you Lee – you are one of our LIGHTS in this #FASD journey.


When I was a child, long before my diagnosis of FASD, when everyone suspected I was just down, depressed, overwhelmed, lazy and told I just don’t care about anything. My mum would say “your in a black hole” and you need to get out of it. She was right, as mums always are, but back at the young age I never really understood what she ment, or how I was supposed to just get out. It’s not so easy when you don’t really understand what is going on in your own mind, it was always pinned to some traumatic event I had been through, the death of my father, or my class mate being murdered during summer holidays, or some other tough life event that I had not gotten past, and more than one councillor seemed to find me a lost cause. Later on once I began drinking, the alcohol…

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