Day 89 – 98 of 99 Days to FASDay

Creating a safe environment for women to choose 049 #FASD #pregnantpause #sobriety #alcoholfree

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The information for Day 89 is used with the permission of CanFASD – I encourage you to visit their webpage to download a copy of the  PDF Document which includes references for each of the components.

10 Fundamental components of FASD prevention from a women’s health determinants perspective

The following ten fundamental components of FASD prevention emerged from a working session of the Network Action Team on FASD prevention. This session was held in Victoria, B.C., in March 2009, and was funded by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research. This consensus document weaves together a range of sources—women’s experiences, peer-reviewed research, published articles, as well as expert evidence—to create a clear message regarding the importance of FASD prevention from a women’s health determinants perspective.

1. Respectful

Respect is paramount to successful FASD prevention and treatment. It is a vital tool in the elimination of discrimination and stigma in prevention…

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