FASD – Born addicted

Thank you for this article on #FASD – you share the story of so many others. Your words speak volumes.


So 5 years ago today I had my last alcoholic drink, why is that important….I was an addict, 10 years of drinking from the age of 16. I started after being placed in a hostel because I no longer wanted to live at home, I became addicted to alcohol in a very short space of time, but I was born addicted.

What fuelled my addictition at that age was the death of my father due to his addiction, I was 10, and around two years later the murder of my classmate, both deeply traumatic for me at that age, not to mention all the early neglect I had been through that I mentally tried to block out constantly.

As the years past through my addiction, nobody detected my FASD, why???? Because the alcohol and drunken behaviours mask everything that was wrong with me, it covered my memory, anxiety, depression and…

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FASD is so tiring

Thank you Lee for an inside look at how it feels to live with the sleep issues involved in the challenges of fetal alcohol. I am reblogging this and also adding it to a resource for parents under by SLEEP STRATEGIES page – appreciate you sharing your wisdom – it will take all of us together to figure solutions out… our experts (the people with FASD who have the inside experience), caregivers (who have the outside experience) and professionals (who have access to resources and tools) – again thank you… if you want to see the sleep strategies here is the link http://realmindz.com/jodeekulp/2016/10/12/my-best-sleep-strategies-for-energizer-bunnies/


So yet again I’m sat here wide awake at 2.50am. I’m tired, I’m always soooo tired, but that doesn’t mean my FASD brain is going to say ‘oh we’re tired now Lee, let’s get some sleep before our busy day tomorrow.

Nooooo, of course its not, MY brain is saying ‘oh your tired, your body aches with tiredness, your so tired of being tired you want to cry, and that melatonin isnt going to work tonight, oh what about this idea, or what about if we did that, yes and we must do it right now because our cognitive impairments won’t let us remember if we go to sleep, so we HAVE to do it right now’

Going through this most nights, is not fun, especially when its been going on for so long that you can no longer remember when you actually woke up feeling like you got some…

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Chronological Age vs. Developmental Age

Because this affects so many of the individuals we love – recommended reading.


written by Kate Oliver, LCSW-C

Having a blog on WordPress is so nice in that I got a nice little report for the end of 2012 letting me know which of my posts has gotten the most attention, etc. By far the most popular post was this one! So, in the spirit of sharing and refreshing for the New Year, I thought I would update and repost this blog, since it was one of my earlier ones and may have been missed by some of the folks who are newer to my blog. I keep my comments open and would love to hear if people are getting what they are looking for from this post even if it has been a while since I originally posted. Enjoy!

Chronological age vs. Developmental Age

When figuring out how to best meet the needs of our children, it is important to understand their…

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The Maiden and Managing Money

A delightful and REAL read from our favorite Maven and Maiden… keep posting and welcome back on you 900 km Red Shoes Rock Journey

our sacred breath

The Maiden became an adult in the world when she turned 18 in August. And with that comes a whole new set of challenges, difficulties and exciting new possibilities. However it also comes with new learning curves for both of us. Understanding money and math can be a challenge for many people, including those with FASD.

She has difficulty understanding money, as has been the case for as long as she has had an allowance. I’ve tried to give her the freedom to spend it on what she wants. She needs to learn that when it is gone, it is gone. She has little self-control and is not able to save. No matter a dollar, ten dollars or a $100 – if she has it she will spend it. And not always wisely.

She has been approved for ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program). Every month she receives financial assistance. We agreed that…

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Day 6: Red Shoes Rock (across Canada) to Stop FASD

Thank you for your trek of 900 miles across Canada and sharing your RedShoesRock journey with all of us…

our sacred breath

No travelling today for the red shoes.

Red Shoes Cold Lake
We are in Cold Lake, Alberta to attend a memorial service for a close family friend of my boyfriend.

I don’t know the family, but it was a very moving service and this woman sounded like she was a wonderful woman. Many spoke of her love of life and people. She accepted everyone and focused on the good in everyone. For those of us with children or family members affected by FASD, we need more people in our worlds like Kay. Many of us live lives filled with judgement and rejection.

The service also reminded me how fleeting life is. Although this woman had a full and long life, a study published a few months back did not hold much hope for people with FASD.

FASD Life Expectancy

While the statistic is disturbing and at first frightening, the Virtual Relay of the Red Shoes Rock to…

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34 – A Number Key to FASD Awareness

Hey = Savanna Pietrantonio, Val L Bate, Taliona Mai Hajisalad, R.J. Formanek and all you wonderful others – You are PROOF we can make this happen differently. We got our 90 RUNNERS we did this thing guys

FASD: Learning with Hope

Copy of Life Expectancy for Person With Fetal Alcohol Syndrome-2By @FASD_Mum


I can’t stop thinking about this number.  I try to shake it.  I walk away from the computer.  I divert my attention.  I try to block it out.  But eventually, there it is again.  Stark.  Cold.  Flawed, perhaps.  But it cannot be ignored.

According to a March 2016 study based on data from Alberta, Canada, this is the average life expectancy at birth of a baby born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.  It means that statistically, using standard scales used to estimate these things, the professionals assume that half of the people with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome will live longer than 34 and half will live less than that.  This is a limited figure, a guess.  It deals with only one part of the Fetal Alcohol spectrum.  Quite probably the people you and I know with FAS will live much longer than this number.  We shouldn’t dwell here for…

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Day 4: Red Shoes Rock (across Canada) to Stop FASD

Keep up the journey

our sacred breath

Our fourth day was a little more relaxed in terms of both hours and kilometres driven. After three days of 9 hour and 900 km driven daily we only travelled about 6 hours and just over 600 kilometres from Brandon, Manitoba to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

RSR Saskatchewan

It was cool today so my travelling companion left his sandals in the suitcase, and I noticed he had red laces! Not red sneakers, but it’s a start.

RSR red laces

The maiden continued her fourth day of participation. She spent 9 minutes walking and playing with our dog Franklin.


We adopted Franklin in May and he is still learning how to walk nicely on a leash. And at a very strong 83 lbs, he is too much for either the maiden or the crone to walk – so he has to make do with exercise in the yard while I’m away.

Not only is this the longest I…

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Day 3: Red Shoes Rock (across Canada) to Stop FASD

our sacred breath

Today 957 km driven. We finally made it out of Ontario!

Long day though as we stopped for an impromptu tour CFB Shilo.

Not a lot to report tonight. These red shoes are very tired! Spread a little FASD awareness at the Base to the young gunner who allowed this picture!
The Maiden Day 3 RSR
I am proud to say the maiden (my daughter) did 9 laps around the yard with my dog this morning (she couldn’t join me on the road trip because of school – her last year!) but she is doing her own Red Shoes Rock participation back home. I’m so proud of her – I’m sure she will be helping spread the message as she returns to school before September 9, 2016.

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Day 2 Red Shoes Rock (across Canada) to Stop FASD

900 miles down – all the best and blessings on your Red Shoes Rock #FASD journey

our sacred breath

Today was another 9 hour driving almost 900 kms. We left Sault St Marie this morning and made a brief stop in Wawa for a photo with the giant Canada Goose:

Canada Goose Wawa

The day ended in Thunder Bay after stopping to see the Terry Fox memorial statue.

Terry Fox

If you want to see what other people are doing for Red Shoes Rock check out the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/RedShoesRock/

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