29 days of #FASD Love Bursts from Liz Kulp – Day 13

Happy Saturday – Love Burst from Liz
I learned as a little child it was better to tell the truth. Mom and Dad had a “TRUTH TABLE” at our house and when I did something wrong they made it easy for me to tell the truth by having the truth table. All I needed to do was ask for a counsel and I could present my case and turn myself in. When I did that – they would ask me what I thought I should do about it. And that’s what I had to do. If they caught me not telling the truth I never liked the consequences – I would rather be able to learn to figure it out myself.
When I was 13 I wrote The Best I Can Be Living with FASD and there is more information in there to help you understand what I thought about it when I was younger.

Happy Independence Day – Possibilities for FASD

Happy Independence Day to a courageous and wonderful daughter may the dreams of your heart and mind be realized.

Liz wrote the poem below in 2008 and in 2012 she truly is independent and come to terms with life with the challenges of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

Today is not independence day, but someday it may be true.

The only person I want to be committed, God, is to you.
Alcohol stole my being, before I was even born
Alcohol took my heart and mind, before the early morn
Alcohol stole my first mother, and my father at her side
Alcohol took my young adult self, on a roller coaster ride
I hate what it has taken
Even though it is so true
But we stand united together to fight and not to lose
Thank you God for all you have done!