Excited about G7 #FASD conference in #Sudbury Canada

Liz and I are busy getting ready to travel to Sudbury for the G7 Conference, November 3-6.G7Conference If you are in the area – come and visit us.
We look forward to empowering our audience with new ideas and strategies.

Keynote Thursday, November 6
LiveAbilities: Staying Safe in a Medical Crisis 

Two workshops, Wednesday, November 5
LiveAbilities – Braids to Healthy Interdependence

plus finishing up on the panel, with James Gideon and Tanya Northcott on
Thursday, November 6
This is our journey…. Life with FASD

#FASD Conference Success – Thank You Dr. Jim and #AnnYurcek

Success means a quiet voice and truthful statements

Shouting out a special thank you to Dr. Jim Yurcek and his wife Ann Yurcek who stepped up to the plate to make this conference happen when the funding was removed. It was awesome.

  • Loved how everyone in the audience worked together.
  • Loved what Liz and Sam had to say.


Hope we impacted people with new ideas and strategies and visions for helping and understanding persons living with the challenges of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders #FASD.

It was a day well served – the road of seeing FASD now has visibility!

Thank you from the Kulp Clan – Let’s do this one again…