True Commitment – Fetal Alcohol is NOT who I am!


Liz Kulp founded the FaceBook Group for adults and teens living with the challenges of FASD. Her group is called Striving for the Best Ability – Living with FASD not letting it defeat me.

If you know a teen or adult who needs positive – faith based input – check her site out! I’ve learned so much from my daughter whose life is affected by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASDs) — Author, Liz Kulp, celebrates life at age 27. She is a published author of two books and winner

Braided Cord Tough Times In and Out

  • Mom’s Choice Gold Award – Adult Non Fiction – Life Challenges
  • 2012 USA Best Books – Health -Recovery and Addictions.

Best I Can Be Living with FASD (Revised 2013!)

  • Mom’s Choice Gold Award – Best Contributing Young Author

Congratulations Liz on Four Years of Sobriety and Five Years of Living Independently! You are achieving your dream of making a difference in your generation to prevent FASDs! Blessings on beginning the career of your dreams this year!
Mom’s Choice Gold Award – Non Fiction – Life Challenges


To read more from Liz’s book click here

Committed to each other for a life
worth living – walking the road
of FASD together

True Commitment
(Poem circa 2008)
By Liz

Alas I sit,
glued to a place of undoing and unmaking
of all the mistakes I have achieved
or contemplated making.

Waiting for renewed independence.
Proving to you who I am
and who I can be
and who I shall become.

No longer broken, but bent
Bent upon making a difference
with different choices and
new becomings
Reframing my thoughts
and laying down my rebellion
to fight for a future
instead of wants I thought
I so needed but didn’t
An though committed by a decree
that states I am an “other”
in need ot care and watchful eyes

I have learned what commitment
truly is – that it is the love
of family who remains
hopeful and helpful
that it is the love of
my sweetheart who
stands true
that it is a belief in myself
that I can do and be better
and emerge from
a state run commitment
to a self formed commitment
of being true to myself
and all of you.

Steps into Live Abilities – We take ”DIS out

Purposeful Living – Striving for the Best

Sam giving MN Govenor Dayton one
of our Live Abilities introduction cards
My father often said, “If you have a problem, shake it out, shake it up, turn it upside down. Problems are opportunities to solve.” And solve my father did – rising to managing the construction of high rise construction and building a round house with scraps of this and that – because he could—the we in family could. 
My father lived a purposeful life filled with Live Abilities without a ‘dis among us. Why? Because he believed it wasn’t where you came from that mattered, what matters is now you do your today. 
– Jodee Kulp, Trail Guide for Live Abilities
Purposeful living is how you live in your NOW!
So how does one achieve purposeful living? 
The first step in our Live Abilities program is discovering your strengths and being truthful about all the challenges you face. 
We get our challenges off our hearts and onto a piece of paper where we can pick them up at anytime we feel the need or leave them there. We put them in a safe place for rediscovery as we grow.
Then we brainstorm our strengths:
  • What are we good at? 
  • Where in life have we found the most enjoyment? 
  • What was happening? When? 
  • What do we really have fun doing? How come?
Then we find two or three sober and faith based people to become our Braided Cords –  Each of these individuals will provide additional strength, support and flexibility to allow change to occur. 
Join Us on our Journey – Liz and Sam

We just relaunched our revised website for adults with hidden differences at 

I am haunted and inspired by your story about life with brain damage


Bravo Liz Kulp. 
I am haunted and inspired by your story about life with the brain damage caused by your birth mom drinking alcohol while she was pregnant with you. There should be a law requiring every girl/woman of childbearing age to read this book before they even think about having sex and/or drinking alcohol if they are sexually active. So many women don’t know they are pregnant when they drink. So many women have addiction issues and think they can drink and not hurt their developing babies. So many doctors are ignorant and tell women it’s okay to have a drink or two while they are pregnant; they simply don’t get it that there is no safe amount or kind of alcohol that can be consumed by a woman who is pregnant, nor is there a safe time during pregnancy when a woman can drink. Your life is a heartbreaking testimony to that fact that drinking while pregnant is not unlike taking a sledge hammer to the tender head and brain of your developing baby, and your willingness to share your pain, trauma, abuse, addiction, and recovery makes you a hero. You and your precious parents are brave and tireless and I appreciate all that you do to get the word out about this 100% preventable, 0% curable brain damage: FASD.

Carey Sipp

Mom’s Choice Gold Award – Non Fiction – Life Challenges