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Best I Can Be – Living with FASD  by Liz Kulp

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Five Star — Read Amazon Reviews
awarded Mom’s Choice Gold, Writers Digest Honorable Mention

“This book gives those of us raising children with FAS a perspective from a young woman who generously shares her ups and downs regarding growing up with FAS. ” — Maureen| 5 reviewers made a similar statement
“This book is highly recommended by our family! ” — fasdaware | 5 reviewers made a similar statement
“Clearly understandable and relevant to teens, she thought the book was excellent and full of good information. ”   — Peggy S. Oba| 5 reviewers made a similar statement

The most important book on FASD you will ever read! By Nora Boesem
Early on in my journey to learn more about FASD I found this book. I cannot tell you in words truly the impact it had on my life but I do know it was a turning point. I now run a non-profit supporting families who are dealing with FASD in South Dakota. I know that when asked the one book someone should read this is my recommendation. If someone will only read one then this is the book to get. This book helped me to look at life through my child’s eyes. To hear the wisdom of a mother and to hear the words of an amazing you woman. I now give this book away at every single speaking engagement I do (unfortunately can only give one copy away) and have had numerous people tell me that their receiving this book helped them to carry on through hard times. I doubt that Liz and Jodee even realize how many lives they have touched over the years but I know it is many. I hope that others find this book and are helped. Thank you so much for the message this book contains! HOPE!!!!

Our FAScinating Journey – Keys to Brain Potential Along the Path of Prenatal Brain Injury  by Jodee Kulp

Click Our Fascinating Journey book cover to purchase direct from the authors
Click Our Fascinating Journey book cover to purchase direct from the authors

Five Star — Read Amazon Reviews
awarded Mom’s Choice Gold – Special Needs Parenting

Standing Ovations for Liz and Jodee Kulp !!! By Cheryl Swoboda
Your books are fantastic, I would love to translate them into German and get them into circulation in Germany. You have great tips in every direction and every life-situation, whether its nutrition, school and learning, therapies, you name it, you’ve got something to say. What an inspiration! God bless you. 

My go-to book! By Ruby Tuesday
I’ve had my spiral-bound copy many years, its well-worn much like the Velveteen Rabbit. My daughter with FAS is now almost 14, lower functioning than Liz. I learned a lot about the brain, practical teaching ideas, nutrition, sensory integration & emotional regulation techniques. They helped, and gave me hope, to weather the past crisises and craziness. I’ve avoided meds so far, for both of us:) Now, as a teen she is no longer hyper, has more language, can wait, agree to contingencies and we’re very bonded… so for now things are good. I never found other books with so many suggestions and easy to understand practical info. Thanks for this bible of FASD.

Braided Cord – Tough Times In and Out  by Liz Kulp

Click Braided Cord book cover to order direct from author
Click Braided Cord book cover to order direct from author

Five Star — Read Amazon Reviews
Mom’s Choice Gold – Life Challenges, Best USA Book Health –
Addictions & Recovery

Required FASD Reading by By Mary E. Greene
Liz Kulp’s newest book, the Braided Cord, is a must-read for anyone whose life is touched by adoption or foster parenting, including prospective parents, teachers, health care professionals, and social workers. Through her narrative, Liz offers her readers a direct lens into both her life and her disability. To read this young woman’s courageously honest words is to know not only Liz Kulp, but the life and world of young persons struggling with this devastating, often invisible, disability. Her mother’s entries, as well as those within her circle of support, provide a bird’s eye view of Liz’s choices, dilemmas, triumphs and missteps.
As the adoptive mother of a FASD child, I know too well that our children grow quickly, that they want to fly and experience freedom and independence as surely as any other young person, despite the disability that at times hinders their judgment and clouds their reasoning. I only hope I have the strength and courage to fortify the bond with my child so that when the time comes, he’ll be prepared to take that journey, knowing like Liz, that he’ll never be alone.

Hope for a brighter FASD future! By Nora Boesem
Wow is all I can say…I admire Liz and her mother Jodee for how honestly they have shared life with FASD. Liz you help others to have hope. When I had my first child diagnosed I was told I was lucky as I had not adopted and could back out as there was no hope for her. I was crushed and felt like I had been kicked in the stomach. How could anyone look at her little face and say she had no hope for a future. Your mom and your books are what helped me to pick myself back up and realize that was not true. While the journey may be rocky it is amazing and you have offered all of us hope for our children’s future. Even if the path isn’t perfect it can still be successful!

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Families at Risk by Jodee Kulp

The Whitest Wall – Book I by Jodee Kulp


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