34 – A Number Key to FASD Awareness

Hey = Savanna Pietrantonio, Val L Bate, Taliona Mai Hajisalad, R.J. Formanek and all you wonderful others – You are PROOF we can make this happen differently. We got our 90 RUNNERS we did this thing guys

FASD: Learning with Hope

Copy of Life Expectancy for Person With Fetal Alcohol Syndrome-2By @FASD_Mum


I can’t stop thinking about this number.  I try to shake it.  I walk away from the computer.  I divert my attention.  I try to block it out.  But eventually, there it is again.  Stark.  Cold.  Flawed, perhaps.  But it cannot be ignored.

According to a March 2016 study based on data from Alberta, Canada, this is the average life expectancy at birth of a baby born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.  It means that statistically, using standard scales used to estimate these things, the professionals assume that half of the people with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome will live longer than 34 and half will live less than that.  This is a limited figure, a guess.  It deals with only one part of the Fetal Alcohol spectrum.  Quite probably the people you and I know with FAS will live much longer than this number.  We shouldn’t dwell here for…

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Day 4: Red Shoes Rock (across Canada) to Stop FASD

Keep up the journey

our sacred breath

Our fourth day was a little more relaxed in terms of both hours and kilometres driven. After three days of 9 hour and 900 km driven daily we only travelled about 6 hours and just over 600 kilometres from Brandon, Manitoba to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

RSR Saskatchewan

It was cool today so my travelling companion left his sandals in the suitcase, and I noticed he had red laces! Not red sneakers, but it’s a start.

RSR red laces

The maiden continued her fourth day of participation. She spent 9 minutes walking and playing with our dog Franklin.


We adopted Franklin in May and he is still learning how to walk nicely on a leash. And at a very strong 83 lbs, he is too much for either the maiden or the crone to walk – so he has to make do with exercise in the yard while I’m away.

Not only is this the longest I…

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