Red Shoes Rock to Stop FASD

Follow the red shoes across Canada….

our sacred breath

Today begins my third year participating in the Red Shoes Rock to Stop FASD awareness campaign. From September 1-9, I will be travelling approximately 900 km a day from my home in Ontario to Quadra Island, B.C. wearing my red shoes across this great country of Canada. This is a poignant journey for me as I am taking my Dad’s ashes to scatter them in the place he loved best. I will arrive on the last day of my 9 day participation which will also be FASDay.

As I left this morning, the maiden joined me on a .9 km walk. While I’m away she will be participating each day. I am pleased she wants to raise awareness and show her support. She doesn’t very often talk about her FASD, but as she turned 18 this summer I think she is starting to understand that it is okay to share…

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