Meet Anna – #35 of 90 Real People. Real Lives #FASD

MEET ANNA – Anna is an enthusiastic 14 year old who loves playing Barbies and is currently saving her money for a real looking baby doll.

STORY – Anna has partial Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

STRENGTHS – She tries hard and often does well playing with younger children. Anna loves her cat (she named him Justin Bieber!) and her dog, Ziggy. She has 5 older brothers and sisters and she has 3 nieces who look up to her and love to play with her. Anna is a blessing to all who know her!

STRUGGLES – With school and making friends.


WISH – Anna wishes she would find a friend.



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2 thoughts on “Meet Anna – #35 of 90 Real People. Real Lives #FASD

  1. Good morning Jodee! I really appreciate and am enjoying your FASD is Real. All of the kids and young adults are truly amazing. My question is this, how is someone diagnosed with “partial” FASD? I have not heard this term before and would like to find out more. Thank you, and God bless you richly in all that you do.

  2. Some researchers divide the physical features of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder into three categories:

    1) Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) where children have all the facial characteristics of prenatal alcohol exposure;
    2) Partial Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (PFAS) with only partial facial characteristics; and,
    3) Alcohol-Related Neurodevelopmental Disorder (ARND) with little facial deformity.

    Regardless of the terminology, fetal exposure to alcohol has a very serious effect on the developing brain, and its effects continue throughout life.

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