Meet Natalie – #18 of 90 Real People with #FASD

MEET NATALIE – Once you meet her you never forget her. She has a heart of gold and forever a large smile in place. That smile is her shield. No one would know that behind that smile she fights daily to hide, to keep at bay the trauma that is forever trying to control her and make her go out of control. That trauma has a name. FASD! Natilie’s wish is to not be feared as she learns to live with FASD, to be loved and accepted.

NATALIE’S STORY – Prenatal exposure to Alcohol. Early neglect.

STRENGTHS – Natalie excels in Maths, Sports, Arts, Gymnastics, Dance, Anything Multi Media Creative, Blogs, Vines….

STRUGGLES – pFAS, sleep difficulties, abandonment issues, OCD, ODD, ADHD, SPD, PTSD, Black Rage & violent Meltdowns, Has no fear, expressive language issues, struggles with social skills

NATALIE’S WISH – Natalie just wants to be loved and accepted for who she is, and not feared for what she is capable of doing. To not be loud or lose control. To not get so mad she hurts the ones she loves but can’t remember why?