#FASD and Suggestibility: A Need for Greater Understanding

FASD and Suggestibility:

A Need for Greater Understanding Among Criminal Justice Professionals

Some individuals with FASD may be at a greater risk to be suggestible where they believe that the correct answer to a question is the answer that another person seems to want, but they also have difficulty understanding the cause-and-effects of their actions and linking their behavior to consequences.

As a result, some individuals with FASD can be manipulated into serving as a patsy by a criminal.

Such issues are complicated by the limited recognition of FASD and its complications in the criminal justice system.

Advanced training for legal professionals in the area of FASD may be key in furthering such endeavors.

-Jerrod Brown

64274-thewhitestwall1Suggestibility is the quality of being inclined to accept and act on the suggestions of others. A person experiencing intense emotions tends to be more receptive to ideas and therefore more suggestible.

The Whitest Wall by Jodee Kulp takes readers into the world of five individuals living in a regular community and demonstrates how this disability affects day to day functioning most people tilt their heads at but don’t understand. Winner of Best Young Adult USA Fiction (2012) Winner Mom’s Choice Gold Adult Fiction and Young Adult Fiction.

Meet Angie – #7 of 90 Real People with #FASD

Meet Angie – Angie loves to sing and dance. She loves to sew and design clothes and some day hopes to be a clothing designer for girls. She loves to draw and loves her social skills group where her friends are.  She wants people to understand that when they speak very fast she needs time to understand what they are saying. Someday she hopes to marry and have a family.

My Story –  Full term, born to parents who both struggled with substance abuse and mental illness.  Removed at birth and placed into the system.  Placed with aunt who became her forever home where her brother came before her.

Strengths –  She loves to sing and dance.  She loves to sew and wants someday to design clothes for girls.  She loves to draw and loves her social skills group where her friends are.  She loves clothes and make-up and jewelry and loves to travel to the beach.

Struggles –  She has Alcohol Nuero-developmental disorder.  She has a mood disorder and has speech difficulties and fits under the Autism Umbrella.  She needs time to process what you say to her and is very much a visual learner.  She like her brother is a very concrete learner and doesn’t understand abstract.

Wish –  That she will grow up and be a famous singer.  She wants people to understand that they speak very fast and she needs time to understand what they are saying.  She wants to be a famous clothes designer.  She wants someday to be married and have a family of her own.