Meet Andrew – #4 of 90 Real People with #FASD

It’s Day 4 of our countdown to 90 days before International FASDay… Need some ideas for an event visit 60 Days of FASDay Countdown or go check our

Today we have Andrew running as Mac’s friend.

Meet Andrew – He is a champion on the track and an inspiration at the podium. Having competed in running circles for 12 years, Andrew is competitive at every distance from the 400M to half-marathons. Over the past three years, he’s spoken from memory about his challenges from FASD but also his triumphs.

Andrewbaby-adultMY STORY – At three weeks of age, Andrew was found alone with his two-year-old sister. His birthmother was self-medicating with alcohol throughout the pregnancy. .

STRENGTHS – Although not a talker until age 6, he is gregarious and loves being around people. He’s always wanted to be included with his peers – willing to learn by watching.

STRUGGLES – Difficulty with new tasks. Too trusting of people who take advantage of his kindness. Periodic bouts with depression.

ANDREW’S WISH – To help others like him in the same way many individuals helped him.



Lets JOIN AND VOTE him right onto the FRONT COVER OF RUNNERS WORLD For three years, Andrew Peterson has been running for the cover of Runner’s World. He keeps getting closer and closer. Andrew like many people living with the challenges of FASD never gives up. He keeps trying, with a smile on his face. He faces failures forward – what did I learn. Ok, so let me try again and again and again.


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