Meet RJ – #2 of 90 Real People with ‪#‎FASD

Day Two of our 90 Day Count Down to September 9 – We’re loving the action. People are out strutting and jumping and rolling and climbing with their RedShoesRock.

MEET RJ. – This is the founder and leader of Flying with Broken WingsFlying with Broken Wings support group for persons living with FASD, professionals and their families. He is also the co-creator of our Red Shoes Rock program. RJ makes a difference in the lives of our precious families by serving at the helm as our trail guide and expert  moderator. In 2016 he received the Individual Award
of Excellence for his work .

My story: RJ was refused at birth, raised by family and later social services, left home at 15, had numerous jobs, became photojournalist and now writes, speaks and educates about living with FASD.

Strengths: RJ is energetic, positive and always seeking to share a smile or a hug… Remaining positive in the face of negatives to find a better way.

Struggles: Diagnosed with PFAS (Partial FAS) RJ struggles with short term, or working memory, has some physical issues due to the FAS and is currently working on getting more than five hours sleep a night.

RJ’s Wish: That others need not experience what I and so many others have gone through because FASD is not understood; that by bring light to the subject we can improve the chances, and the lives of so many others.