Day 4: Kilometre Fore!: 9 kms in 9 days for Red Shoes Rock. Stop FASD

our sacred breath

Day Fore!

While my daughter was at the respite worker I was out having some fun myself – driving a golf cart around 9 holes (okay 18 but trying to go with the 9 theme) –  I did get out of the golf cart at least 9 times to walk to the fairway and rough, looking for errant golf balls and move the flag on the green.

One of the most important pieces of information I can give you is to arrange respite – it is beneficial for not only your child but also yourself. Looking after someone with FASD is exhausting – not only physically but mentally – as a caregiver you are an external brain. It is exhausting some days just looking after yourself – but when you have someone else you are living for it takes a toll. Having a few hours a week to recharge is so important.

In the…

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