Excuse My Mouth

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Yep, sometimes I don’t mean to say something or say something in that tone. There are times when my mouth seems to have detached from the rest of me and has said something that has even shocked me or it comes out considerably different than I thought. I absolutely hate it when there is something that I decide to say and that as carefully and gently as I have rehearsed in my mind how to say something it comes out VERY differently.

I can think of thousands of examples and conversations when my mouth was ahead of my brain and I heard myself after and winced later. And of course others are totally human with human emotions and so within seconds I’m watching faces fall, hearing angry responses, getting these awful glares, watching faces twist in anger, watching lower lips tremble as tears start, or watching my friends both shout…

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Transitions are hard for everyone. I can listen to my neuro-typical friends talk for hours on how changes affect them. There are several kinds of stress. Eustress is the good kind. It’s the kind of stress for example that you would experience every day. It’s the kind of stress that I feel for instance when I’m typing. It’s a good kind of stress where I am thinking and putting in effort and there is a motivation behind what I am doing. Every day things that cause excitement or motivate us to act are considered eustress. Then there is the bad kind – distress. This is a negative reaction to a trigger in a situation. There is a distinct lack of enjoyment and fun in the situation and can cause rash decision making. There are lots of ways to describe both these kind of stresses but I’ll stay fairly general. I…

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