#50 Days To FASDay – Get a proclamation

You can 
really do it!


Get a Proclamation signed by your mayor or governor. Here is a sample letter. Here is a sample proclamation. This is probably the easiest thing to do, if this is your first FASDAY. Sometimes the mayor or governor will allow a “photo op” – like Steve in WA or Dayna in KS. It might be a good idea to use this FASDAY Fact Sheet to back up your proclamation statements.

Call your local mayor today . . . or governors office!  You really can do it – Steve and Dayna did!

Online Manual – www.fasday.com
Seminar – Or try our easy, effective, exciting 1½ hour program that walks you
 through the morning of Sept.9: http://www.come-over.to/FASDAY/ABCDEFG/ 
(material from 2002 has excellent ideas)

Follow us through the next 60 days and plan your local or personal project to build awareness of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder – Each One Can Reach One!

Need family support visit www.toolboxparent.com
Need ideas for adults living with challenges of FASD visit www.braidedcord.net
Need information on fetal alcohol spectrum disorders visit www.betterendings.org
Interested in service dog for FASD visit www.thechancerchronicles.com

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